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King Alcohol: A Comic Temperance Glee


Song performed by: Leslie Beukelman and Dean Potter (vocals). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

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King Alcohol has many forms
By which he catches men
He is a beast of many horns
And ever thus has been.

For there's rum, and gin, and beer, and wine
And brandy of logwood hue
And hock, and port, and flip combine
To make a man look blue.


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He says be merry, for here's good sherry
And Tom and Jerry, Champagne and Perry,
And spirits of every hue,
O are not these a fiendish crew
As ever a mortal knew
O are these a fiendish crew as ever a mortal knew.

King Alcohol is very sly
A liar from the first
He'll make you drink until you're dry
Then drink, because you thirst.


King Alcohol has had his day
His kingdom's crumbling fast
His votaries are heard to say
Our tumbling days are past.

Chorus to come in after 3d. and 4th. verses:
There's no rum, nor gin, nor beer, nor wine
Nor brandy of any hue
Nor hock, nor port, nor flip combined
To make a man get blue
And now they're merry, without their sherry
Or Tom and Jerry, champagne and perry
Or spirits of every hue
And now they are a temperate crew
As ever a mortal knew
And now they are a temperate crew
And given the devil his due.

The shout of Washingtonians
Is heard on every gale
They're chanting now the victory
O'er cider, beer, and ale.