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589. Edward L. Pierce to William H. Herndon.

Milton Mass 27 May 90

Dear Sir

Yours of Feb 24 was duly received

I had mislaid Gov. Gardner's paper and so delayed my answer.

In general Gov. G. is probably correct tho' perhaps faulty in details after so long an interval.

No doubt that was the dinner at Gov Lincolns — but surely ER & Geo H Hoar were not present as they were out-and-out Free Soilers and very hostile to both host and guests

I do not think Everett was there — as he did not speak at the Convention. If on the ground he would certainly have been in the programme.

Yours truly
Edward L Pierce



1. The original of Gov. Henry J. Gardner's memoir has not been located. A portion of the memoir, almost certainly edited according to Pierce's stated reservations, appeared in the 1892 edition of H&W (1:289 — 91) and is reproduced as an enclosure (§590).

2. Levi Lincoln (1782 — 1868), former governor of Massachusetts.

3. Edward Everett (1794 — 1865), former congressman, senator, governor of Massachusetts, cabinet officer, educator, and diplomat.