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Douglas and the Louisville Journal.


August 3, 1858.

The Register publishes with much gusto an article from the Louisville Journal, complimenting Judge Douglas for his anti Lecompton stand at the last session of Congress. This is all right enough. We too, have all along given Judge Douglas due credit for his efforts in that behalf, as little availing as they proved to be, to defeat that scheme of the Administration. We are only sorry that he has taken the back track and now avows himself to be still an indorser of that Administration and of the Democratic party, with all its infamy hanging about it. As to what the Louisville Journal thinks of Douglas' prospects, the following from the last number of that paper will suggest:

"Little Dug." As they call him, is having pretty hard times of it in Illinois. Dug fights well, but we apprehend he will hardly be able to keep his place in the Senate. We guess that after the next election he will only be a Dugout floating loose down the political stream." -- Louisville Journal.

The Journal says rightly, that Little Dug is having a hard time of it and the times are rapidly growing harder with him. Nor is the Journal far from it, when it guesses that "after the next election he will only be a Dug-out floating loose." We guess so too. The people of Illinois are determined to have him "out." They have learned by sad and long experience, that Douglas is a demagogue, whom it will not do to "tie to."