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Liberty's Star.


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Air. -- Red, White, and Blue.
L. V. F. Randolph.

Oh, hark to the shouts that are rending
The air and the echoing skies!
See! Liberty's star is ascending;
Behold it triumphantly rise!
Now courage to those who are striving
The curse of the nation to stay;
The bright sun of Progress is driving
The darkness of errors way.

Then rally, ye freemen, O rally,
For justice and virtuous laws;
Let the people of plain, hill and valley
Be joined in the glorious cause.
We're strong in the noble endeavor,
The laborer's right to secure;
With Heaven's kind help, we will never
The rule of oppression endure.

We fear not the threats of seceders,
But firm and united we stand;
And, under our trustworthy leaders,
We'll manfully rescue the land;
We'll save it from wild desecration,
From aught that can wrong or debase,
While the loftiest seats in the nation
Our LINCOLN and HAMLIN shall grace.