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557. Alexander Campbell to Jesse W. Weik.

La Salle Dec 12 1888

My dear Sir

I regret Exceedingly that I Could not Comply with your request sooner and in better Shape As I stated to you I attended the funeral of my friend and took a severe Cold which with rheumatism has quite unfitted me for Either thinking or writing Besides I spent too much time in thinking and writing over what I could not Condense and get in the space & shape I intended I hope what I have sent will be a satisfactory answer to your Main question but if you print you must look it over and Correct Mistakes for in my present state of health to think or write Thinking that having my photograph Engraved it may have been destroyed I send you another. One thing I wish to state is that it Occurs to My Mind that Mr Herndon stated some two or three years ago that I gave Mr Lincoln Either One hundred and seventy five or two hundred and seventy five dollars in their office in Springfield I remember give him some money in their office in 1856, but do not remember the Amount. But have no recollection of giving him any there in 1858 if I did the Amount must have been small.

My arrangement with Mr Lincoln 1856 was that it was to be strictly private and it was after many years that he told of it. As the publicity has given a great deal of annoyace I intended giving a brief history of the personal relations between Mr Lincoln and myself but Could not get it in as Consise and Clear form as I wished If my health gets better in the Course of a few days some thing in reference but do not delay the publication of your book on that uncertainty

I am in haste yours sincerely
A. Campbell

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4675 — 77