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576. Extract from the Lowell Journal and Courier.

[Enclosure G]

Sept. 18. 1848.

The Whig Rally

The City Hall was filled to its utmost capacity again, on Saturday night — Homer Bartlett, Esq., presiding, and Alfred Gilman acting, as secretary. The meeting was graced by the presence of many fair ladies — all true whigs. The chairman made a short, stirring address, and then introduced Geo. Woodman, Esq., of


Boston, who made a very capital speech. Hon. Abram Lincoln, of Illinois, then addressed the assembly in a most able speech, going over the whole subject in a masterly, and convincing manner, and showing, beyond a peradventure, that it is the first duty of the whigs to stand united, and labor with devotion to secure the defeat of that party which has already done so much mischief to the country. He was frequently interrupted by bursts of warm applause. After the distinguished speaker closed, the Secretary read the letter from Gen. Taylor, which we give to day, and which was received with tremendous applause. The meeting then adjourned with cheer after cheer for Taylor and Fillmore. It was emphatically a whig meeting — not a word of trouble, or dissension, or doubt, coming up there.



1. Note at the top (brackets in the original): [From Lowell Journal and Courier Sept. 18. 1848.] Note next to the title: (Editorial). These notes are in a different hand from the text. This would appear to be the news story, as compared to the "editorial" from the same paper, given on pp. 91 — 92.