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Loss of Temper


September 9, 1858

Senator Douglas has apparantly abandoned arguments, and resorted to epithets. He speaks of his colleague JUDGE TRUMBULL, as a "rascal" and a "liar," and of Mr. Lincoln as a "liar," "wretch," "sneak," &c., &c.

In fact he intimated at Havana the other day, that he could or would whip Mr. LINCOLN.

In noticing the charge of Senator TRUMBULL, that he amended the TOOMBS bill, he said at Peoria:
"It is an infamous lie, and Trumbull knew it to be such when he made it. How dare he, especially in view of my history within six months past, malign my private character in such a manner. I tell you again, gentlemen, that when he charges me with an attempt to force a constitution upon the people of Kansas, he tells a deliberate falsehood."