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Old Tippecanoe.


Air — "When Britain's Oppression, her Laws, &c."

COME, rouse up! ye bold hearted Whigs of Kentucky,
And show the nation what deeds you can do;
The high road to victory lies open before ye,
While led to the charge by "old Tippecanoe."


When Indians were scalping our friends and our brothers,
To Ohio's frontiers he gallantly flew;
And thousands of innocent infants and mothers,
Were saved by the valor of Tippecanoe.

When savage Tecumseh was rallying his forces,
In innocent blood his hands to imbrue;
Our hero dispers'd all his bloody associates,
And won the proud name of "Old Tippecanoe."

And when this Tecumseh and his brother Proctor
To capture Fort Meigs their utmost did do,
Our gallant old hero again play'd the doctor,
And gave them a dose as at Tippecanoe.

And then on the Thames, on the 5th of October,
Where musket and rifle balls whizz'd as they flew;
He blasted their prospects, and rent them asunder,
Just as he had done on the Tippecanoe.

Let Greece praise the deeds of her great Alexander,
And Rome boast of Caeser and Scipio too;
Just like Cincinnatus, that noble commander,
Is our old hero of Tippecanoe.

For when the foes of his country no longer could harm her,
To the shades of retirement he quickly withdrew;
And now at North Bend see the honest old farmer,
Who won the green laurel at Tippecanoe.

And when to the national council elected,
The good of his country still see him pursue;
And every poor man by him thus protected,
Should ever remember "Old Tippecanoe."

And now from retirement the people do call him,
Because he is honest and qualified too;
And for one term they soon will install him
As President — "Hero of Tippecanoe."


Let knaves call him "coward," and fools call him "granny,"
To answer their purpose — this never will do;
When rallied around him, we'll rout little Vanny,
And give him a Thames — or a full Waterloo.

The republican banner of freedom is flying,
The eagle of liberty soars in your view;
Then rally, my hearties — all slanders defying,
And thunder huzza for "Old Tippecanoe."

Among the supporters of brave General Jackson,
There are many republicans, honest and true,
To all such we say, "Come out from among them,"
And "go it" for Tyler and "Tippecanoe."