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Letter from William Gooding to David Leavitt Concerning Canal Expenditures and the Severe Winter

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No. 128

Lockport Feb. 5_1856~

D. Leavitt Esq.
Treasr. I. & M. Canal

Dear Sir,
I have this day drawn upon you for $3,000 in favor of I. H. Burch & co._I have already overdrawn my account there several hundred dollars and am compelled to check for $1,300 more to day. The balance will be required during the month.

About the last of this month or first of next the payments to Stone & Boomer on account of the Aux Sable and Little Vermillion Aqueducts will be pretty heavy and I shall have to draw upon you again.

The present prospect is that the navigation of our Canal and the Lakes, (the Canal will not pay much until the Lakes are clear of ice) will open later than usual. We have never had so severe a winter as the present in Illinois since its first settlement or at least for the last 25 years. The ice in the rivers is from 2 ft. to 2 1/2 ft. thick and the ground is frozen in many places full 3 feet deep. Of course it will take a good while to thaw out.

Truly Yours

Wm Gooding