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Zack 'll Beat Cass.

AIR — Jim Crack Corn.

The great campaign of '48,
The Loco office-holders hate;
They see the hand upon the wall
A noting down their certain fall.
Zack 'll beat Cass, and I don't care,
[repeat twice]
Since Polk has fizzled out.

The honest Locos from them split,
Like rats that leave a sinking ship;
Because they feel and know it all,
Defeats their certain doom next fall.
Zack 'll beat Cass, &c.


The ring-tailed coons are coming out,
The pole-cats now must stand about;
Their courage and their hope has fell,
We clearly know it by their smell.
Zack 'll beat Cass, &c.

Huzza for Ford! huzza for Zack!
Our armor's on, we'll ne'er turn back;
Then onward, freemen, one and all,
Huzza for Victory next fall!
Zack'll beat Cass, &c.