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505. Michael Marion Cassidy to J. G. Craddock.

Mt Sterling Ky. March 21st 1887

My dear friend.

The Bearer of this letter Mr Jesse W. Weik of Greencastle Indiana who is engaged in Seeking and collecting data and Matter for the purpose of getting at the exact truth as to who was the Father & Mother of the Late Abraham Lincoln and he would Should know the true facts as to these things of the past

I want you to go out to the place of Lincolns Birth Thachers Old Mill on the Pike Road to wincher. on Strodes Creek and if you know who of the decendants of the Old families of that Neighborhood know the traditions of his begetting and birth take Mr Weik to them and let him have a Short interview with them Squire John Thomas & Ed Thomas now Own the Old "Inlow" place Abraham Inlow the real Father of A Lincoln. You doubtless know many in the County who know this Tradition This will Introduce to you Mr J.W. Wick.

If you cannot go out with him get Some one to go who know the peopl out in the Neighborhood.

And Oblige Your friend &c

M M Cassidy.

Perhaps Frank Kennedy may be able to detail these matters as they have come down from the Fathers Yours &c M.M.C.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4613