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Texas, the Young Tree of Freedom.


TUNE -- "Harry Bluff."

Wake, sons of Columbia, by sea and by land,
With your arms crush the foe and his proud daring band,
Fair Texas the sapling of Liberty's tree;
Is grafted for e'er in the hearts of the free;
Ere Mexican's tyrants shall strike at its root,
Or with foreign aid strive to plunder its fruit,
To her fair injured land with your arms nobly fly,
And swear by our union to conquer or die,
For Texas, the young tree of freedom.

Beneath the broad shelter of Liberty's vine,
Her fair spreading branches now tenderly twine,
And our proud eagle flapping his wings o'er each bough,
Screams "death to the hand that shall dare harm her now;"
On our heaven born flag her bright star we have wove,
It gleams with the light freedom sent from above,
Then on to the field by its dear holy light,
And sweep the proud foe from the soil of our right
For Texas the young tree of Freedom.