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Written By Gen. Geo. P. Morris.
Music By George Loder.

From cypress and from laurel boughs,
Are twined, in sorrow and in pride,
The leaves that deck the mouldering brows
Of those who for their country died
In sorrow, that the sable pall
Enfolds the valiant and the brave,
In pride, that those who nobly fall
Win garlands that adorn the grave.

The onset — the pursuit — the roar
Of victory o'er the routed foe,
Will startle from their rest no more
The fallen brave of Mexico.
To God alone such spirits yield!
He took them in their strength and bloom,
When gathering, on the tented-field,
The garlands woven for the tomb.

The shrouded flag — the drooping spear —
The muffled drum — the solemn bell —
The funeral train — the dirge — the bier —
The mourners' sad and last farewell —
Are fading tributes to the worth
Of those whose deeds this homage claim,
But Time, who mingles them with earth,
Keeps green the garlands of their fame.

"Seasons shall come, and seasons go,
And many a hill-flower bud and blow
In wild perfume;
But never, never, lost to fame.
Shall memory cease to hold the name,
Or mark the tomb
Where they, who for their country fell,
Heal in the field, or wild wood dell,
Where warriors met,
And with their blood, and for her laws,
Sealed honor's, valor's, freedom's cause."