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350. Benjamin F. Irwin (William H. Herndon Interview).

[1865 — 66]

Ben Irwin —

I came across a Pensylvanian in Pleasant Plain in Sangamon Co. in 1860. He wanted to see Lincoln: his name was Jackson. He & I came to Spfgd. to see Mr


Lincoln — L's child was sick — I sent Jack Smith — the merchant up to see L. and had him state what I wanted — wanted Jackson to see L badly — . L sent word down that his child was too sick to leev it — that the man must come down to or up to his house — Jackson & I went up — Knocked at the door — were invited to come in — went in — Sat down. L's [manner?] was democratic — common — The man look'd at every thing — carpet — chairs — glasses — book cases &c. &c — and said do you think this man will ever be presdt of these U.S. Soon Mr L. came down in his Shirt Sleeves — in his Sock feet — was introduced — shook the Mans hand cordially — both about Penn familiarly — Staid there 1˝ hours — The man was evidently struck — bewitched — we left — came down in town separated — The man called me and said — "I am an office holder under Buchanan — but I intend to vote for that man. I have been told he was a fool & an ugly man — He's a man a man of great good sense — familiar & honest. He's not an ugly man — but is a good looking man — What do you call him ugly? I don't." The man then went on to say — . Though Pen gave Buchanan _____ majority it will give an overwhelming vote for Lincoln — . Pen will turn the biggest summerset you ever heard of." and sure Enough when the news did come it was overwhelming &c —

Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:460 — 61



1. Though located among the Springer transcriptions, this is in the hand of William H. Herndon.