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486. Dennis F. Hanks (Jesse W. Weik Interview).


Nancy H Lincoln — was a spare made woman — little above ordinary height — sandy complexion — hair dark brown — eyes hazel — chistian woman — could read the Bible — easy temperament never Mad — Abe ran in room while old lady was weaving at window and asked Mother who was father of Zebidie's children — this fretted old lady — She was Baptists by religion — Abraham took his disposition and Mental qualities from his Mother — his father was stout heavy man — very stout and solid built — Mrs. L. was sympathetic woman conscientious and of good intelligence — Old Mr L. had one trait that Abraham inherited story telling. All of them had good memories — All the family disputes were referred to Abraham

Nancy Hanks was really the daughter of Lucy Hanks and Henry Sparrow but she resembled the Hanks so much they called her Hanks — The Hanks and Sparrows moved from Va to Mercer Co Ky.

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 2, Memorandum Book 1