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Great Debate Between Lincoln and Douglas at Freeport.


September 1, 1858.

Fifteen Thousand Persons Present. The Dred Scott Champion "Trotted Out" and "Brought to his Milk." It Proves to be Stump-Tailed. Great Caving-in on the Ottawa Forgery. He was "Conncientious" About it. Why Chase's Amendment was voted Down. Lincoln Tumbles Him All Over Stephenson County.

Sept. 1, 1858.

From the Chicago Press and Tribune.

The second great debate between Lincoln and Douglas came off at Freeport on Friday afternoon. The day broke chilly, cloudy and lowering. Alternations of wind, rain and sunshine filled up the forenoon. At 12 o'clock the weather settled dismally cold and damp, and the afternoon carried out he promise of the morning with the single exception of the rain.

The crowd, however, was enormous. At nine o'clock the Carroll county delegation came in with a long procession, headed by a band of music and a banner, on which was inscribed: CARROLL COUNTY FOR ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

At 10 o'clock a special train from Amboy, Dixon and Polo, arrived with twelve cars crowded full. Mr. Lincoln was on this train, and some two thousand citizens of Freeport and vicinity had assembled to escort him to the Brewster House. Six deafening cheers were given as our next Senator stepped from the cars; after which the whole company formed in procession and escorted him around the principal streets to the elegant hotel. Here the reception speech was delivered by Hon. Thomas J. Turner -- to which Mr. Lincoln responded in a few appropriate remarks. Half an hour later a train of eight cars arrived from Galena. Another procession was formed, preceded by a banner on which was inscribed: The Galena Lincoln Club.

The delegation marched to the Brewster House and gave three rousing cheers for Abraham Lincoln. Mr. L. appeared on the balcony and returned his thanks amid a storm of applause. But the special train on the Galena road from Rockford, Marengo and Belvidere, eclipsed the whole -- consisting of sixteen cars and over a thousand persons. They also marched to the Brewster House with a national flag Learning the words: WINNEBAGO COUNTY FOR "OLD ABE."

Mr. Lincoln was again called out and received with loud cheers.

Douglas arrived in the town on Thursday evening, and was escorted from the depot by what purported to be a torchlight procession. It was held to be a torchlight procession by a number of Dred Scottities who were in the secret; but with the mass of the community it passed for a small-pattern, candle box mob of Irishmen and street urchins. "Plenty of torches, gentlemen!" cried the chief lietor; "plenty of torches; won't cost you a cent. Don't be afraid of 'em." He succeeded in "passing" about seventy-five of them. The rest will be good for next time.

At two o'clock the people rushed to the grove, a couple of squares in the roar of the Brewster House. The crowd was about one third larger than that at Ottawa. It formed a vast circle around the pyramid of lumber in the centre, which had been erected for the speakers and reporters.