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The Whigs' Address.



Scott, who oft for us has bled,
Who our armies oft has led,
Welcome as our country's head,
On to victory!

Who will, at his country's call,
Bring his forces, one and all,
True Whig stand or true Whig fall,
Let him follow me!

By each proud and hard-earned field,
Where his blood his faith has sealed,
We the champion's sword will wield,
And the fight begin.

Memories come from Lundy's Lane,
And we now "will try" again,
Sure that it is not in vain --
We the day must win.

Many a deed of valor bright,
Seen by mercy's milder light,
Prove that still he's for the right,
Thus our vote is bought.


By the courage none can tame,
By his own prohpetic name,
We shall find him still the same,
He is Win-field Scott.