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Progress of the Campaign


August 21, 1858.

Lincoln among his old friends -- A day at Bath, Mason County -- Germans and the Americans uniting with Republicans.

This is a town which Lincoln laid out, or staked, 22 years ago. It has always been the strongest Whig precinct in the county, and there are many here who went off for Fillmore Americans. But these are now all with us. A large crowd assembled here to hear Lincoln today, and all pronounce it a good day's work. He was among his old friends -- those who have known him for 25 or 30 years, and their sons who have grown up since he first came among them. Such a shaking of hands and hearty greetings as took place between those old acquaintances, I have seldom seen. On this account he was listened to with greater interest and attention, and his arguments cordially assented to. On his way from Havana here, members of German families greeted him, and assured him of their sympathy. Out of thirty two German votes in Havana and vicinity, twenty one are already safe for Republicanism, and more will come over before the election. They take away and pay for a large number of German papers, from Chicago an St. Louis, and are posted as to which is the true progressive party. This was considered too small a place for Douglas to speak at, and its citizens think all the more of their old friend for visiting them, and the audience was such in size and character as Douglas would be glad to meet.

Mason county is now considered pretty sure for the Republicans. Campbell, a renegade never get it at their hands, is the man most likely to be the Douglas candidate for Representative here. He will be easily beaten by Wm. Walker, Esq., of Havana, who it is thought will be run by the Republicans. The parties are fairly aroused, but it admitted that Douglas lost many votes by his venomous and pointless speech at Havana, while Lincoln's cool argument and candid and pleasant manner, gained him hosts of friends. Judge Kellogg will canvass this county fully, if nominated, as he doubtless will be. And if the Republicans only use their energies and money as they seem inclined to do, there is no danger of Mason county.