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Letter from Zachary Taylor to Gov. Levi Lincoln, May 8, 1847.

Camp near Monterey, Mexico, May 8th, 1847.

SIR: — Your letter of the 4th ult., in relation to the remains and effects of your much lamented son, Captain George Lincoln, has safely reached me. I beg leave to offer my heartfelt sympathies with you in the death of this accomplished gentleman. In his fall you have been bereaved of a son of whom you might be justly proud, while the army has lost one of its most gallant soldiers. It is hoped, however, that your deep grief will be assuaged in some degree in the proud reflection that he fell nobly upon the field of battle, while gallantly discharging the duties of his profession.

I learn from inquiry, that the body of your son was carefully removed from the field immediately after his death, and that it was decently interred by itself Its identity is, therefore, a matter of certainty. His effects are understood to have been collected with due care, and are now under the direction of Gen. Wool.

I shall take an early occasion to convey your wishes on this subject to that officer, with the request that he will be kind enough to put the remains and effects, carefully prepared for transportation, in route for New York or Boston, by the first safe opportunity, and that he will give you at the same time due notice thereof.

I am, Sir, with great respect,
Z. TAYLOR, Maj. Gen. U. S. Army.

Gov. Levi Lincoln, Worcester, Mass.