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407. Robert T. Lincoln to William H. Herndon.

Chicago Dec 14 /66

My dear Sir:

An old friend Dr. Smith, now Consul at Dundee in Scotland, has written me asking me to give to him a certain book of Western History once owned by my father, — I wish very much to do so if I can find the book — I remember a year ago, a young man in your office showed me the book taking it from a case on the South side of the room — I think the name is "Western Annals" — If still there will you be kind enough to have it well wrapped & sent by mail to my Mother mark "Free" — it needs no postage.

Very sincerely Yours
Robert T. Lincoln

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2901 — 2



1. Rev. James Smith, former pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Springfield, which the Lincolns attended.

2. Probably James Handasyd Perkins, Annals of the West: Embracing a Concise Account of Principal Events, Which Have Occurred in the Western States and Territories, from the Discovery of the Mississippi Valley to the Year Eighteen Hundred and Forty Five (1847). After Perkins's death in 1849, several editions were published in St. Louis under the direction of John Mason Peck.