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Letter from Zachary Taylor to Dr. John T. Clarke, June 21, 1847.

Camp near Monterey, Mexico, June 21, 1847.

SIR — I have the honor to acknowledge, with sentiments of high gratification, the receipt of a copy of the Resolutions recently adopted at a meeting of the Democratic Whip of the Country of Mercer, N. J.

My thanks are especially due to my friends of the State of New Jersey, for their flattering expression of approval and esteem and which I can assure them is as truly reciprocated.

I embrace this occasion to remark, that if the people of the country desire to place me in the high office of the Chief Magistracy, I do not feel myself at liberty to refuse; but, on the contrary, in that position, as well as one more humble, it will ever be my pride and constant endeavor to serve my country with all the ability I possess.

Please convey these my thanks and brief acknowledgments to the citizens of the County of Mercer. I wish them, and yourself much prosperity and happiness. With great respect,

I remain your ob't serv't,
Z. TAYLOR. Maj. Gen. U. S. Army.

Dr. John T. Clarke, Secretary Public Meeting at Trenton, N. J.