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Up Salt River.


A New Whig Song, written by G. B. W., of Toledo, Ohio, and respectfully dedicated to the Toledo Tippecanoe Club.
AIR — "All on Hobbies."

Come, Locos and Vans, and Leg-Treasurers too,
Fanny-Wright men and all, we are waiting on you,
Our vessel is ready, we cannot delay,
For Harrison's coming, and we must away —

Up salt river! Up salt river! Up salt river! O heigh O!
Up salt river! Up salt river! Up salt river! O heigh O!

The journey is rough — but never mind that —
An experienced steersman is politic Mat,
Full many a dark passage he's threaded before,
And will land us all safe on that wide-spreading shore,
Away up salt river, &c.

The first one that sailed was the EMPIRE Ship,
Her rigging she mann'd, and her cables let slip,
Cambreleng was there, with a thousand or so,
Who will eat "small potatoes" with Marcy & Co.
Up salt river &c.

The Ship MICHIGAN is also ahead,
She took the same track where the Empire led;
She too has her cargo, full many a score,
Of wild-catting bankers, to land on the shore,
Up salt river, &c.

The good ship CONNECTICUT, steady and true,
As if wing'd like a bird o'er the wild waters flew,
Well loaded with Vans who had laid in a store,
Of large Wethersfield Onions, to plant on that shore.
Away up salt river, &c.

Next the old MASSACHUSETTS, her crew far from raw,
No, longer made drunk by her Fifteen-Gallon Law,
Now sober'd and steady, will start to explore,
With her cargo of Vans, that late colonized shore,
Up salt river, &c.


The old PENNSYLVANIA, provision'd and mann'd,
Quite ready for sailing, will soon leave the land,
Of change and experiments now very sick,
She will carry the Vans, where they tried to row Nick.
Up salt river, &c.

The noble OHIO is ready likewise,
The pride and the glory of all the Buckeyes;
She's freighted with Locos, the Shannons and more,
And casse Medary to land on the shore.
Away up salt river, &c.

The NEW-JERSEY next will be loudly cheer'd on,
By Maxwell, Aycrigg, Halsted, York and Stratton,
Whilst Dickerson, Cooper, Ryall and two more,
Will take without contest, their seats on that shore.
Away up salt river, &c.

MISSOURI, new rigg'd, will next hoist her sail,
Harrisonians will give her a glorious gale;
At the port she starts for she proudly will call,
Leaving Tumble-Bug Benton a rolling his ball.
On the shore of salt river, &c.

And as we sail on, we'll be still looking back,
For the Ships we expect on the very same track;
For VIRGINIA, KENTUCKY, and some half dozen more,
Are bound for the port, on that fast-filling shore.
Away up salt river, &c.

When they're all under way, we will knock off a toast,
To OLD TIPPECANOE, our pride and our boast;
He'll be President next; for changes then look,
As Sour Crout is transported to old Kinderhook.
Up salt river, &c.