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The Forgery Tracked Home to the Illinois State Register.


August 28, 1858.

The Chicago Times of the 25th of August, says of Douglas' forged resolutions:
"Judge Douglas, at Ottawa, quoted the resolutions of the Republican Convention which met in 1854 at Aurora, and stated that they had been adopted at Springfield. HE WAS LED INTO THE ERROR BY THE NEWSPAPER WHICH HE HELD IN HIS HAND AT THE TIME, AND FROM WHICH THE RESOLUTIONS WERE READ. THAT PAPER WAS PRINTED AT SPRINGFIELD IN OCTOBER, 1854, and stated that the resolutions had been adopted at the Convention held in that city."

Here we have the forgery tracked home to the State Register of this city, which paper admits that it made the publication, as stated.

Recent developments shown conclusively that the forgery was concocted by Douglas and the editor of the Register conjointly. The editor went up to Ottawa with a file of his sheet, containing the fraud, under his arm, and was closeted with Mr. Douglas to arrange the details of the plot. It was entered into with a full knowledge on the part of both, that the alleged resolutions were FORGERIES, and they can not escape from the damaging consequences of the crime. Douglas and his bottle holders stand branded before the people of Illinois as guilty of willful and deliberate forgery. Who will henceforth believe the falsehoods they utter?