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The Wide Awakes


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Lyrics by O.P.Q.

Air: Washing Day.

O, what is all this noise about,
This midnight confusion?
'Tis the wide - awakes have all turned out,
and made this grand intrusion.

Our cause is Abolition, and for the nigger we do cry;
For we do love the nigger, and we'll love him till we die!
And here we are with torch in hand,
We want to cut the figure;
For we proclaim, throughout the land,
That we all love the nigger.

We call ourselves the wide - awakes,
And vote for the rail - splitter,
Because we think the nigger makes
Our glorious cause the better.

'Tis honest Abe and Hamlin
We want to rule our nation;
And for the nigger we do claim
Equality of station.

The poor white man we wish to take
The place of Mr. Nigger,
And for this cause we're wide - awake,
And ready to pull the trigger.

For this we march with the torch - light,
To show our holy mission:
And worship nigger with delight,
And pray for abolition.

Then let our noble cause prevail
Through every land and nation,
Till none will dare our will assail,
But shout Amalgamation