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Letter from L. W. Claypool to William Gooding Concerning a Late Canal Land Payment

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Morris Ill June 8th 1864

Wm Gooding Esq

Dear Sir:
Yours of June 6 is at hand & I hasten to reply,

Your information with reference to Mr. Garners purchase of W fr. SW 1/4 31.33.6 is correct. he is a fine old man, commenced on the land poor, I advanced part of the first pmt. which he paid back as he agreed to

I understood his only Son had gone to the war, & it occurs to me was dead -I may be mistaken.

You are doubtless aware that Farmers have had a hard time for the last two years. Mr Garners land would fare bad being cold clay barrens~

I hope it can be arranged So that he can redeem his land

Write to G. W. Armstrong who resides near by, & will doubless hand him a letter

Truly &c

Direct to Crotty L. W. Claypool