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The Hero of Ohio.


Written for the Log Cabin lads and ladies, by a Log Cabin poet.

TUNE -- "The Hunters of Kentucky."

Come listen, lads and ladies, now,
To my immortal story;
And, while you wreathe around his brow
The garland of his glory,
The troubadour will sound a name
That none will dare deny O,
Was first upon the field of fame,
The hero of Ohio.
Oh! Ohio,
The hero of Ohio.

Fair Freedom's father Washington,
Gave Harrison a station,
And said -- My boy, your father won
A name in this great nation;
Go, battle for the fair and free,
And on thy God rely O;
And future fame shall welcome thee,
The hero of Ohio,
Oh! Ohio, &c.

Beloved by all his soldiers brave,
Nor terrify'd by trifles;
For glory or a hero's grave,
He met the Indian rifles;
Into the fight he fearless flew,
Resolv'd the foe should fly O;
And Congress crown'd, at Tippecanoe
The Hero of Ohio.


'Mid British bayonets and flame,
And savage thrusts and thumps, he
Beside the foremost phalanx came,
The terror of Tecumseh;
And Proctor's life but seldom names,
Without a curse or cry O,
The day he dared, upon the Thames,
The hero of Ohio,
Oh! Ohio, &c.

His country he has nobly served,
Both in the field and forum;
From truth or trust he never swerv'd
Nor from a just decorum;
Like Cincinnatus, to the plough
He keeps a steady eye O;
And every one will hail him now,
The Farmer of Ohio,
Oh! Ohio, &c.

Bring laurels, lovely ladies, now,
For he will guide the nation;
Bring garlands for his glorious brow,
When he shall hold his station,
And let us hear the wild hurrah,
From all the western sky O;
Hail, boys, with many a loud huzza,
The Farmer of Ohio,
Oh! Ohio, &c.