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Song of the Ohio Boys.


TUNE -- "Rosin the Bow."

Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Ye jolly young Whigs of Ohio,
And all ye sick Vanocrats too,
Come out from among the foul party,
And vote for Old Tippecanoe!
And vote, &c.

The Yankees first came to Ohio
On the seventh of April, you know,
And they all to a man are determined
To vote for Old Tippecanoe!
To vote, &c.


I therefore will give you a warning,
Not that any good it will do,
For I'm certain you all are a going
To vote for Old Tippecanoe!
To vote, &c.

Then let us be up and a doing,
And cling to our cause brave and true,
I'll bet you a fortune we'll beat them,
With the Hero of Tippecanoe!
With the Hero, &c.

Good men from the Vanjancks are flying,
Which makes what are left look askew,
For they all are joining the standard
With the Hero of Tippecanoe!
With the Hero, &c.

They say that he lived in a cabin,
And that he drinks hard cider, too,
Well, what if he did, I am certain,
He's the Hero of Tippecanoe!
He's the Hero, &c.

And we all are fully determined,
No matter for rain, hail or snow,
To do what we can in the battle,
For the Hero of Tippecanoe!
For the Hero, &c.

For fear that we should be thirsty,
I'll tell you what we will do,
We'll fill up the gourd with hard cider,
And drink to Old Tippecanoe!
And drink, &c.