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Hymn for Children.


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Air: — "Miss Lucy Long."
BY W. S. Abbott.

While we are happy here,
In joy and peace and love,
We'll raise our hearts, with holy fear
To thee, great God, above,

God of our infant hours!
The music of our tongues,
The worship of our nobler powers,
To thee, to thee belongs.

The little, trembling slave
Shall feel our sympathy;
O God, I arise with might to save
And set the captive free.

No parent's holy care
Provides for him repose,
But oft the hot and briny tear,
In sorrow freely flows.

The God of Abraham praise;
The curse he will remove;
The slave shall welcome happy days,
With liberty and love.

Pray without ceasing, pray,
Ye saints of God Most High
That all who hail this glorious day,
May have their liberty.