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596. Alexander Campbell to Jesse W. Weik.

La Salle Dec 14th 1891

Dear Sir

I have been so afflicted with Rheumatisms and neuralgia for about three years as in a great measure unfit me for business of any Kind. It has however some what improved for the past month or so and I have been looking at my papers and letters which had long been neglected I find a letter from you Dated Dec 1888. & which you say you have taken the liberty of furnishing to the publishers of


Herndon's Memoirs of Lincoln my photo. And Excellent engraving therefrom has been made and will appear in the book. Also asking whether I had complied with Mr Lincoln request June 1858 for an advancement of $500.00 to pay Campaign Expenses As you have a copy of Lincolns of June 1858, you will see that it was an acknowledgement the Authority I gave him to draw on me for $500.00 for Campaign Expenses for the Campaign Expenses of 1856 and asking for assistance for Expenses of in the Campaign of 1858 I gave him Money on two and probably occasions during that Campaign the Amounts I do not remember but I Know that they were comparitivly small with what I gave him in 1856. If my memory is not at fault I think I refered you Mr Herndon for information on that point. You ask whether Mr Lincoln Ever gave me a note or returned any of the money I ever gave him I will say that never a note or one Cent of the money from him and further that I never Expected to receive any nor had Mr Lincoln reason to believe that he was any obligation that was under any obligation to make payment of any part of it Inclosed please find ten dollars for which please send me a copy the Memoirs by Express if the have been published and retain the balance to pay you for the trouble in procuring my Engraving If the work has not been published you can retain Enclosed Amount or such part thereof as you may think proper The only apolog I have for writing with pencil is that my Rhumatism &c Makes it Extremely difficult to write with pen and ink.

Sincerely Yours
A Campbell

PS There is two or three parties to whom I may want to send copies if you should have them to spare Let me Know at your Earliest Convenience and I will send you the names as want them [directly?] from. I will also remit the cost AC

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 1