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To the Public.

We come not before you dear public, with humble apolgies and faces as long drawn as the last paragraph of the humble petition, craving " your kind indulgence for numerous defects," &c. We know our little book contains some merit, though our modesty will allow us to claim very little of it for ourselves, as we have had the assistance of distinguished writers in all sections of the Union, who have lent themselves to the task with a willingness which we duly appreciate. We bespeak for the book, "LARGE AND READY" sales, and shall strike off ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Copies or more, for the use of the people. The low price at which it is sold, six and on-fourth cents, places it within the reach of all. There are, doubtless, those who would prefer the letters of Gen. Taylor in a neat compact form without the poetry, though as there is no extra charge for the additional "grape," we trust that all will be pleased with the book. We must here beg leave to tender our tahnks to those editors who have afforded us facitilites, and to the press generally, for the interest manifested in the work. Having been at considerable expense in procuring original songs for this book, any infingement of the Copy Right on the party of publishers will be prosecuted. Editors noticing the work, will please send a copy of the paper to the New York Path-Finder Office; we would be obliged also — for copies of papers containing original "Rough and Ready" songs.

N. B. — In consequence of a misapprehension on the part of the printer, not much more than one-half the songs we inteded for this edition were inserted, amongst which were some by C. F. Hoffman, Esq., and Park Benjamin, Esq., and several written by ladies, which will appear in our next issue.