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Uncle Sam and His Fiddlers.


Tune — "Old King Cole."

OLD Uncle Sam had a strange whim-wham,
A silly whim-wham had he;
He call'd for his fiddlers, and danced in a jam,
With the troop of Old Hickory.
And every fiddler had Uncle Sam's fiddle,
And a very fine fiddle had he!
Then "tweedle-deedle-dee" went the fiddlers,
Oh! slyly and rare they did comb down his hair,
To the tune of "E-CON-O-MY!"

Old Uncle Sam they did sweetly cram,
How sweetly cramm'd was he!
He gaped and grinn'd at each humbugging flam,
Crying, "This is the stuff for me!"


And every piper he set up his pipe,
Tickling Sam's catastrophe.
Then "toodle-doodle-doo" went the pipers;
"Tweedle-deedle-dee" went the fiddlers;
But oh! how rare did Uncle Sam stare,
When each fiddler came for his fee!

Old Uncle Sam found it was all a sham,
As saucy a sham as could be;
And he cried, "You rogues, do you think you can gam-
Mon a sensible chap like me?"
But each rogue — oh, law! — had a griping paw,
And a pair of light heels, as you'll see.
Then "chink-chink-chink!" went the money bags;
"Toodle-doodle-doo," went the pipers;
"Tweedle-deedle-dee," went the fiddlers;
And each one with a dash made a snap at the cash;
Wasn't that "pure democracy?"

Old Uncle Sam felt as flat as a clam,
As flat as a clamshell he;
He scratch'd his head, and did nothing but stam-
Mer and stare in his quandary.
For these musical cits play'd the dogs with his wits,
And the deuce with his currency.
Then "flap, flap, flap!" went the money bags;
"Scatter, scatter, scatter!" said the pipers;
"Here's leg-bail," said the fiddlers,
And good-bye to tweedle-dee,
Oh! There's nought so rare but a rogue will dare
With a snug Sub-Treasury!


Now Old Uncle Sam has a new whim-wham,
A better whim-wham has he,
That each Tory sham shall speedily scam-
Per away to "retiracy."
Then every fiddler shall have a new fiddle,
And a Whig fiddle it shall be,
So "tweedle-deedle-dee," merry fiddlers,
A true Whig tweedle-dee;
Then all start fair, and take good care
Of the nation's liberty.