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198. Joshua F. Speed to William H. Herndon.

Louisville, 8 May 1866.

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 6th is at hand — You propound certain enquiries as to Mr. Lincoln's habits during his occupation of the White House.

I was never an inmate of the house and consequently can know nothing definite in answer to your queries.

I would say however, from my knowledge of him and of his habits, that he worked by no rule — Saw people at all hours — eat his meals irregularly — and did things as no other man than he ever or over could.

He was irregular in his habits of eating and Sleeping.

I remember asking him on one occasion, when he slept — his answer was — "just when every body else is tired out."

A minute answer to your enquiries could perhaps be better furnish by Nicolay than by any living man —

Your friend &c
J. F. Speed

Huntington Library: LN2408, 2:324



1. The last phrase is probably a copying error by WHH's scribe, John G. Springer.