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Adieu, My Native Land, Adieu.

Adieu, my native land, adieu!
The vessel spreads her swelling sails, —
Perhaps I never more may view,
Your fertile fields and flowery dales,
Delusive hopes can charm no more,
Far from the faithless maid I roam,
Unfriended seek some foreign shore,
Unpitied leave my native home.
Adieu, my native land, &c.

Farewell, dear village, oh, farewell!
Soft on the gale thy murmur dies.
I hear thy solemn ev'ning bell,
Thy spires yet glad my aching eyes.
Though frequent falls the dazzling tear,
I scorn to shrink from fate's decree,
And think not, cruel maid, that e'er
I'll breathe another sigh for thee.
Adieu, my native land, &c.

In vain through shades of frowning night,
Mine eyes thy rocky coast explore;
Deep sinks the fiery orb of light,
I view thy beacons now no more.
Rise, billows, rise — blow hollow wind
Nor night, nor storms, nor death, I fear
Yet friendly bear me hence, to find
That peace which fate denies me here.
Adieu, my native land, &c.