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John Fremont's Coming


TUNE -- Old Dan Tucker.

COME, let's sing a song quite jolly,
For an end to reign of folly;
Frank Pierce's jig is nearly up,
Though full bitter he's filled our cup.
Clear the track!
Clear the track!
Clear the track! John Fremont's coming,
And he'll send the 'brascals humming!

Those foul deeds on plains of Kansas
Have been enough to raise our "danders;"
There we'll plant bright freedom's standard,
And have a man to lead the vanguard.
Clear the track, &c.

We can't trust to James Buchanan,
Quick we haste to "spike that cannon,"
Which "roared like sucking dove" at Ostend,
To make squabbles having no end.
Clear the track &c.

Old Buck's pledged to Pierce and Douglas,
To the villany in Kansas;
On their work we'll put a stopper,
And we'll "send them all to Joppa."
Clear the track, &c.