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Letter from Zachary Taylor to Hon. John Morehead, July 15th, 1848.

The following letter was received too late for insertion in its proper place.

Hon. JOHN MOREHEAD, Greensborough, N. C.

SIR: — I have the honor to receive your communication of June 10th, announcing that the Whig Convention which assembled at Philadelphia on the 7th of that month, and of which you were the presiding officer, has nominated me for the office of President of the United States.

Looking to the composition of the Convention, and its numerous and patriotic consitutents, I feel duly grateful fo the honor bestowed upon me — for the distinguished confidence implied in my nomination to the highest office in the gift of the American people.

I cordially accept that nomination, but with the sincere distrust of my fitness to fulfil the duties of an office which demands for its exercise the most exalted abilities and patriotism, and which has been rendered illustrious by the greatest names in our history; but should the selection of the Whig Convetion be confirmed by the people, I shall endeavor to discharge the new duties then devolving upon me, so as to meet the expectations of my fellow citizens and preserve undiminshed the prosperity and reputation of our common country.

I have the honor to remain, with the highest respect, your obedient servant,
BATON ROUGE, July 15th, 1848.