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Harbinger of Liberty.


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Words by a Lady. Music by G. W. C.

See yon glorious star ascending,
Brightly o'er the Southern sea!
Truth and peace on earth portending,
Herald of a Jubilee!
Hail it, Freemen! Hail it Freemen!
'Tis the star of Liberty.


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Dim at first — but widely spreading,
Soon 'twill burst supremely bright,
Life and health and comfort shedding
O'er the shades of moral night;
Hail it, Bondmen!
Slavery cannot bear its light.

Few its rays — 'tis but the dawning
Of the reign of truth and peace;
Joy to slaves — yet sad forewarning,
To the tyrants of our race;
Tremble, Tyrants!
Soon your cruel pow'r will cease.

Earth is brighten'd by the glory
Of its mild and peaceful rays;
Ransom'd slaves shall tell the story,
See its light, and sing its praise;
Hail it, Christians!
Harbinger of better days.