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174. Dennis F. Hanks to William H. Herndon.

[Mch. 19 — 66]

Frend Billy I have Jest Received your 2 Letters 16 — 17 Calling for a Letter from a man in Baltimore a Bout Sum Land of Abes grandfarther as Said in the Letter Dont understand his Name to Be Abram I think his Name was Mordica But this cuts No figer in the Case I Send the Letter and you can Juge for your Self


1st how Did Thomas Lincoln and Abes Mother Abe & Sarah Cum to Indiana They Cum on horse Back This I No Very well a Bout the year of 1817 — or 1816 I Dont Lecolect which they Came a little while Before I Came you will have to fix this thing up the Best way you Can for I Cant tell Exactly Bouts Dates

2d Did go to School to Crawford Before you came to Indiana I Dont think that Abe went to School to Crawford at all for Cawford was Not in the Cuntry for Severl years after we Moved there I Came thare a Bout the year 17 or 18 I Dont Recolect which there abouts

3d She Died in 1833 as well as I Recollect Not positive. In the County of Murcer Kentucky Nere Perryville on the old Road Leding to Danvil Nere the Old Baptist Curch Liberty Meeting house in Murcer Co —

4th was there Ever any Religeas tales in Ia among the Boys what Did Abe Say I will Say this for Abe when he went to Church he allways Could tell te tex as to his particlur Views in Religion I Cant tell But I Dont Think he held any Views Very Strong Raised under the predesternarin School his farther was a free will Baptist Free Communion for all Christians

5th what year Did Col Jones Cum India William Jones was Raised in Vincenes in the State of — Ia — I think a Bout the year of 1826 He came to Gentry Vill with a Little Store Aand thare we got a quainted he was a fine fellow he was Killed in the army

6th where was Thomas Lincoln Boat Lanched it was at the Mouth of Knobb Creek one half Mile from his place where he Lived the Last time Before he Moved to Indiana the Roling fork Emteing in to the Beach fork then into the Ohio to tompsons fery how far was it from Thomas Lincoln Hous I Say one half Mile

Yours Respectfully
D. F. Hanks
Abes Teacher



1. Date given in Springer transcription.

2. Springer copied this letter from W. W. Gitt as an enclosure to §153, but it seems to belong here and is given as §175.

3. Dennis Hanks apparently has confused Andrew Crawford, the schoolteacher, with Josiah Crawford, who came to the neighborhood in 1824.

4. Possibly Lucy Hanks Sparrow, AL's maternal grandmother.