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A Douglas! A Douglas!


I SING of the Douglas,
The man without peer;
His name to the million
Speaks comfort and cheer;
'Tis the watchword that rallies,
With heart and with hand,
Each patriot freeman
Throughout our broad land.


In the army of Union
He leads on the van,
The shoutings of thousands
Proclaim him the man;
From Mexico's waters
To Canada's shore,
The voice of the people
Still swells the loud roar.

"A Douglas! A Douglas!"
The shout rising high,
Makes ring with the echo
The vault of the sky;
To the mighty cry rising
So loud and so clear,
The Sectionalists listen
With wonder and fear.

Foul-visaged disunion,
Alarmed at the sound,
Retreats to his cavern
In terror profound.
While personal hatred,
In gloomy despair,
Malignant and scowling
Retires to his lair.

The black flag wide floating
O'er niggerdom's camp –
Piratical ensign
Of treasonous stamp –
Its dark folds are drooping,
Its flagstaff so tall,
With ominous shaking,
Portends its last fall.


"A Douglas! A Douglas!"
Shout, all ye bold band;
And fight for your leader
With heart and with hand:
The welkin shall ring
With a mightier shout,
When, Douglas triumphant,
Old Buck is turned out.