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Song of the Masillon Bolters.


TUNE — "Bruce's Address."

Honest men, whom Van has led!
Men, who sweat to earn your bread,
Men, who've either heart or head!
Join us and be free.

Now's the evening, now the hour;
See misrule reign and ruin lower;
See the gross abuse of power;
Where's Democracy?

Dwells it with the purse and sword?
Goes it with the pensioned horde,
Whose hands unclean, their coffers stor'd,
By official villany?

Will ye to a juggler bow?
Can ye be a Vanite now?
Will ye not record your vow,
On this pledge with me?

Out on Monarch Martin's laws,
Sub-Treasury and Specie Claws;
For Price's fob, or Swartwout's paws,
Such wholesome code may be.

By the spoilsmen's thirst for gold;
By the many suits untold;
By the reckless rule they hold;
Another year shall see.

The demagogues and spoilers bow,
The scampering off of freedom's foe,
As freemen to the polls will go,
To vote for HARRISON.


By the shade of JEFFERSON!
By the name of WASHINGTON!
We'll cast our vote for HARRISON!
And rout Vanocracy!