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Bill for an Act to Lay out a State Road from the Wabash to the Yellow Banks on the Mississippi.

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Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly. That Parnick Owens of Knox Co., Samuel Allen of Peoria Co., and Robert Bird of Putnam County be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view, mark and locate a road from a point on the eastern bound'ry line of this State — where a line runing due West from Logansport in the State of Indiana would cross said State line. Thence Westward the nearest and best rout to Allenton at the head of Lake Peoria on the Illinois river. Thence to the seat of justice of Knox county. Thence to the seat of justice of Warren county. Thence to the Lower Yellow Banks on the Mississippi river.

Sec. 2. The said commissioners or a majority of them shall meet at Knoxville on or before the first day of June next and after being duly sworn by some Justice of the Peace, faithfully to view


and locate said road without partiality favour or affection, shall immediately there after proceed to discharge the duties required of them by this act, placing in the prairy, through which the same shall pass stakes of a reasonable size of durable timber.

Sec. 3. As soon as practicable, after said road is located, said commissioners or a majority of them shall make out a report accompanied by a map or plat of said road denoting the courses and distances from point to point, with such other remarks as they or a majority of them may deem necessary and proper; and transmit the same to the Secretary of state. And they or a majority of them shall make a map or plat of so much of said road as lies within the respective counties, and transmit it to the clerk of the county commissioners court of the respective counties through which the same may pass which shall be filed and preserved in the office of said court.

Sec. 4. When said road shall be located


is shall be to all intents and purposes a state road, four poles wide, and shall be opened and kept in repair as other roads are in this state.

Sec. 5. The county commissioners court of each county through which the said road may pass are hereby authorized if they shall think proper to allow to said commissioners one dollar and fifty cents per day for the time necessarily employed in locating the said road in each of their respective counties: Provided that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to create any liability on the part of this state to pay said commissioners for their services, rendered under the authority of this act.

This act to be in force from and after its passage.