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129. Dennis F. Hanks to William H. Herndon.

January 26 1866

Dere William

I am jest in Receipt of your Letter of Enquire I haston to Answer

question 1st how, Many Acres Corn wheat I No Exactly for I helped Do it They had a Bout — 10 — acres of Corn and a Bout 5 Acres of wheat 2. acres of oates one acre of medow This is in Indiana in 1824 Very Little Change to 1830

2d was Lincoln warme harted this is Abes farther I Say he was he loved his Relitives Do any thing for them he could No Better Man then old Tom Lincoln Abes farther I have Known him Neare 50 years

Very quiet Not hasty temper treted Me well

3d Did Abrham Lincoln treat John. D. Johnston I will Say this Much a Bout it I think Abe Dun more for John than he desved John thought that Abe did not Do a Nuff for the old people they Be Cum Enimes for awhile on this ground I Dont want to tell all the thing that I No it would Not Look well in history I Say this Abe treated John well

4th What kind of a Man was Johnston I Say this much a Kinder harted Man Never was in Coles County Ill Nor an honester man I Dont Say this Because he was My Brother in Law I Say it Noing it John Did Not Love to work any of the Best I plaged him for Not working

5th Did Ever Thomas Lincoln Send any produce to Neworeleans Not from Indiana he Did Not Jest Raised a Nuf for his own use he Did Not Send any produce to any other place Mor than Bought his Shugar and Coffee and Such Like he was a Very pore man —

6th Did Thos Lincoln trate Abe cruly He loved him I Never Could tell whether Abe Loved his farther Very well or Not I Dont think he Did for Abe was one of those forward Boys I have Seen his farther Nock him Down of the fence when a Stranger would Call for Information to neighbour house Abe allways would have the first word

the Old Man Loved his Childern

7th Did any of the Johnston family ask for office No Thomas Johnston


went to Abe he got this permit to take degarytipes in the army this is all for they ar all Ded Except Johns Boys they Did Not ask for any

8th Did you or John Hanks Lincoln for any office I Say this that John Hanks of Decatur Did Solisit him for an Indian Agency and John told Me that Abe Did as good as told him he Should have one But John Could Not Read or write I think this was the Reason that Abe Did Not give John the place

As for My Self I Did Not aske Abe rite out for an office onely this I would Like to have the post office in Charleston This was My wife that asked him He told hir that Much was understood as much as to Say that I would get it I Did Not Care Much a Bout it

9th Do you think Lincoln Card for his Relations I will Say this Much when he was with us he Seemed to think a great Deal of us but I thought Sum times it was hipocritical But I am Not Shore

As for his ant in Coles County he Never had any Nor I Dont No any person that he called ant if it was So I would have Known Sumthing a Bout it

William ask all questions you want I am Very cirtin I Can answer them

Yours Respectffully
D. F. Hanks.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2437 — 38; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:260 — 63



1. Thomas L. D. Johnston, son of Lincoln's stepbrother, John Johnston.

2. William H. Herndon note on docketing: Hank's Sober this time.