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453. Joseph G. Monfort to William H. Herndon.

Cincinnati Aug 21, 1867

Der Sir

The prefixed letter from James Barnet of Camden Preble Co O seems to settle the question that my pupil was not President Lincoln — I feel quite confident that my pupil was Abraham not John & that John was a youngr brother but if there was a John, Thomas & Anna was, though the fathers name was Thomas, it must have been another family, as President Lincoln had but one brother who died in infancy as Barretts life tells us & Mr Barrett must have derived his information from President Lincoln There is a possibility that the children of the second wife by her first husband may have assumed the patronimic Lincoln Mr Barnet is about 65 years old & has been on the ground all the time since 1823. My impression was that old Thomas Lincoln had just come to Camden in 1827 but Mr Lincoln ought to know. I can find out certainly whether my pupils name was Abram or John as there are pupils still living there

Do you think the matter worth any further investigation?

My conjecture is that Old Thomas was a cousin of President Lincolns father being of the same name

Yours truly
J G. Monfort



1. Barrett.