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When British Bands.


TUNE -- Wha'll be King but Charley.

When Britsh bands invade our land
And savage hosts so dreary,
Young Harrison he was the man
To draw his sword so early,
Come hither, come hither, around him gather,
Come Whig and Democrat altogether,
Unite your bands and firmly stand
For him who fought bravely.

With brave Kentucky's gallant sons,
With Owen and brave Davies,
He led the van 'gainst savage bands,
And routed them so clearly.
Come hither, &c.


And when proud Britain's cannon roar'd
He never beat a parley,
His sword and shield made Proctor yield
And whip'd him out so fairly.
Come hither, &c.

There's Martin Van with all his clan
Of Demagogues and knavery
Old Tip can scan their secret plans
And ferret them out so clearly.
Come hither, &c.

From sordid gold to him untold
He freed his hand so clearly,
His door latch string he ne'er pull'd in
The poor he fed most freely.
Come hither, come hither, around him gather
Come Whig and Democrat altogether,
Old Tip's the man who will defend
The rights we bought so dearly.