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O, Jessie is a Sweet, Bright Lady.


TUNE -- Comin' through the Rye.

IF our johnny woo his Jessie,
From auld Tommy's eye,


If his Jessie, wed our Johnny,
Need auld Tommy cry?
O, Jessie is a sweet, bright lady --
Jessie, Johnny's bride,
She and her brave, noble laddie
Always side by side.

If our Johnny lead his Jessie
To a "Romish priest,"
Her to marry, without tarry,
Need "Sammy" fret the least?
O, Jessie is, &c.

We'll with Johnny, "give em Jessie,"
'Neath the White House roof;
From brave Johnny, and sweet Jessie,
Need Southron hold aloof?
O, Jessie is, &c.