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March, Freemen, March!



From Madawaska's gloomy shades,
To Alleghany's fairest glades,
And from Nebraska's rivers wide,
Unto the Ocean's roaring tide --

March, freemen, march! March, freemen, march!
We'll march up, both old and young,
To the polls in next November!
Hie, ho! for Scott we'll go, the conquerer of Mexico!

Come all ye people, good and strong,
And let us have a social song;
We'll wake the Locos from their trance,
And sing to the tune of the Boatman Dance,

CHORUS -- March, freemen, &c.

O'er Northern hill and Western plain,
The beacon light shall blaze again;


And freedom's foes shall feel the shot,
When they see him coming -- conquering Scott!

CHORUS -- March, freemen, &c.

Then rise up, Whigs, so good and true,
Who fought of old for Tippecanoe;
And bravely stood for Harry Clay,
When fraud and slander ruled the day!

CHORUS -- March, freemen, &c.

Up, Yankee boys and Southrons come --
You yielded hall and humble home --
And gather more while on your way,
Who praised old Scott of Chippewa.

CHORUS -- March, freemen, &c.

The Ladies fair, with graceful art,
Will lead their beaux to take a part;
They'll pledge them first in whispers tender,
"Vote for Scott, and I'll surrender!"

CHORUS -- March, freemen, &c.

Then Ladies, Whigs, and all advance,
With step as light as the greenwood dance,
And let's resolve, while on the spot,
Like good old friends we'll vote for Scott.

CHORUS -- March, freemen, &c.