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The Brave Old Chief.


TUNE — "The Brave Old Oak."

A song to the Chief, the brave old Chief,
Who hath ruled in our hearts so long;
Here's fame and renown to his laurel crown,
That binds our affections strong;
There was strength in his blow, many years ago,
And honour, has long been his due,
For he show'd his might, in the deep midnight,
On the field of old Tippecanoe.

Then sing to the Chief, the brave old Chief,
Who fires every heart anew,
And honor'd be he, by the brave and free,
Who conquer'd at Tippecanoe!

He ruled these fair climes, in the fearful times,
When the Indian's fiendish howl,
Was heard in the wood, where the log cabin stood,
Exposed to his nightly prowl;
On him we relied, our hope and our pride,
And we banish'd our needless fear;
Then hail him with cheers for hundreds of years,
The Chief to our bosoms so dear.
Then sing to the Chief, &c.

The brave old Chief, who brought us relief,
In the time of our sorest need,
Exalt we his name, to the summit of fame,
For glory's his well-earned meed;
If the people inquire, for the Kinderhook Squire,
And the fate of his Tory clan,
We'll reply they are dead, in their sour-krout laid,
To make room for a much better man.
Then sing to the chief, &c.