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Letter to Governor William H. Bissell from Judge David Davis Concerning a Pardon for George High.

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O. L. Davis
Prosecuting Attorney pro tem in the case
[Samuel Pillan?]
Ward H. Lamon Pros. Atty. 8th Jud. Circuit:

I, as Judge held the Champaign Circuit Court at the term at which George High was convicted.

I personally know most of the facts stated in the petition to be true; I know the persons whose names are signed to said petition to be those among the most respectable citizens of Vermilion County and believe their expression to be a fair index of the public opinion of the County. That Expression accords with my own view of the case, and I concur in the request that High may be pardoned for the remainder of his term.

David Davis
Danville Nov 7, 1857
Judge 8th Judicial Circuit

I have been acquainted with the circumstances of George High's case from the time of his arrest; and I cheerfully join in the request that he may be pardoned. Nov. 10, 1857.
A. Lincoln