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Commentary on the Journal.


Thursday, August 5, 1858.

Unless the Bulletin does not accord in sentiment with the Declaration of Independence, it is fair to infer that it is going in openly for the broadest kind of "negro equality." – Journal.

The plain inference from the above is that the editor of the Journal believes that the Declaration of Independence recognizes "the broadest kind of ‘negro equality.’" "The conclusion is irresistible." And yet that editor has the assurance to say, in the same number of his paper, that Mr. Lincoln is not in favor of negro equality, though just above the article from which we have quoted he represents him as saying "I shall adhere to the Declaration of Independence." To which interpretation does Mr. L. subscribe, his own at Chicago, or Springfield, or that of the editor of the Freeport Journal? To what miserable subterfuge is our neighbor driven, to say nothing of his paltry garbling of our language.