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A Jackson-man's Song.


Come listen my trusty old cronies,
I'll sing you a short verse or two,
And I know you would not be offended,
Should I sing of Old Tippecanoe.

His enemies call him a coward,
And sneer at his poverty too,
But a true hearted Jackson-man never,
Will slander the brave and the true.

But a true hearted democrat ever,
Will honor the brave and the true,
And leave it to British and tories
To slander old Tippecanoe.

And who pray is Martin Van Buren,
What wonders did he ever do?
Was he in the battle of Orleans,
Meigs, Thames or Old Tippecanoe?

O! no he had no taste for fighting,
Such rough work he never could do,
He shirked it off on the brave Jackson,
And the Hero of Tippecanoe.

This larkey we once have elected,
Not that any good he would do,
But because he had been recommended
By Jackson the brave and the true.

And since for one term we're in favor,
We think that this honor should do,
So, good bye to you, Mr. Van Buren, --
Here goes for Old Tippecanoe.