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March On! March On!


Tune: — "The Pirate's Glee."

March on! march on, ye friends of freedom for all,
For truth and right contend;
Be ever ready at humanity's call,
Till tyrant's power shall end.
The proud slave-holders rule the nation,
The people's groans are loud and long;
Arouse, ye men, in every station,
And join to crush the power of wrong — March on, etc.

Fight on! fight on, ye brave till victory's won,
And justice shall prevail;
Till all shall feel the rays of liberty's sun,
Streaming o'er hill and dale.
The tyrants know their guilt and tremble,
The glowing light of truth they fear;
Then let them all their hosts assemble,
And Slavery's dreadful sentence hear.
Fight on! fight on, &c.

Roll on! roll on, ye brave, the liberty car,
Our country's name to save;
Soon shall our land be known to nations afar,
As the home of the free and brave.
The voice of freemen loud hath spoken,
A brighter day we soon shall see;
When Slavery's chains shall all be broken,
And all the captive millions free.
Roll on, roll on, &c.